Registration of material flows

Having up to date information about your material flow is vital if a company’s strategy is to be successfully implemented. Only by collecting the necessary data about raw materials in both production and waste chains, concrete actions can be defined to implement company strategy.

What can we do?

Abstraction and ARN, the Dutch Centre of Expertise for recycling in the mobility sector, offer applied knowledge about technical and biological cycles. We can professionalise a company’s monitoring of raw materials, close the cycle and report on the scored results.

We have developed a tool that visualises your (raw) material chains. In addition, we can analyse material cycles and recommend improvements. Depending on customer needs, our services range from consulting to completely taking care of their material monitoring.

This tool is based on a proven ARN methodology, which has been applied successfully for 20 years in the automotive sector.

Our products and services

We offer products for different organisational levels. Depending on the specific needs of your organisation, we can provide tailor-made solutions, from an individual product to a range of product(s) and services. 

The proven ARN measuring methodology forms the basis of our product portfolio. Using this methodology, your organisation will gain the necessary insight into its daily material flows, both within and outside of the organisation. The methodology will be fine tuned to suit your work processes and preferences. We can also offer support with the implementation of the methodology within your systems as well as after-care if necessary.

We can also take care of the management of the system, including the development and maintenance of the IT infrastructure, data collection and access to the data as well as personnel training. This includes your own staff and those of your supply chain partners.

Of course we can periodically analyse the available data for you, bi-annually for example.  Or we can perform analysis of your (raw) material flows to support any projects within your organisation in need of solid data.

Finally, based on the data of the newly implemented measuring system, we can offer advice on various organisational processes such as operations, communications or corporate strategy.



                 Registration of material flows