Abstraction and NGO’s

Regarding the bioeconomy concept of sustainability, NGO’s in The Netherlands have built up impressive knowledge and skills. In Abstraction’s opinion, deploying these skills will result in mutual benefits for all parties. Thus, in supporting stakeholders’ reflections about sustainability within specific value chains or within their organisations, NGO’s can provide added value. As well as resulting in financial improvements this helps to develop new business models. As an intermediary, Abstraction can identify relevant subjects and open discussion.

Abstraction has cooperated with NGO’s for many years and has thus acquired relevant experience in the field of sustainability and certification as well as in defining the starting points for a bioeconomy. The added strength of Abstraction is the market expertise in these topics. Because the interests and goals of the different parties are understood, Abstraction is the perfect partner to mediate discussions between NGO’s and market parties, or to bring about contacts.

Abstraction plays an active role within the framework of a societal dialogue about the bioeconomy. See Projects for an explanation.


Photo: © Ossip van Duivenbode / Rotterdam Image Bankhttp://www.rotterdamimagebank.nl/shapeimage_2_link_0