What does Abstraction offer

Abstraction was established in 2011 by Wijnand Schonewille to offer support with sustainable developments, investments and innovations. The focus is on the bioeconomy.

Wijnand studied chemical technology. He has broad experience in the process industry, the recycling industry and as a Business Developer with the Port of Rotterdam. He began building up experience with bioeconomy developments in 1999. Subjects that came up during that time were: technology, rules and legislation, sustainability issues, macro-economical questions, trade and logistics, socio-economical consequences of changes, standardisation and normalisation and market development.

In the bioeconomy there is an increasing interest regarding the use of residues and by-products and to close cycles. To be successful, a deep understanding of the recycling market and related rules and regulations is  vital. Wijnand has worked on recycling projects since 1993. His international experience in this industry has resulted in a wealth of experience, indispensable for developing the optimal use of residual materials in a bioeconomy.

Locally as well as regionally, nationally and internationally Wijnand has contributed to bio-based developments. He was a member of the Dutch Platform Groene Grondstoffen and participates in the  Working Group Groene Chemie of the City of Rotterdam Climate Initiative. He further participated actively in several research- and project groups. As an expert, Wijnand presented at and chaired conferences and sat on various advisory committees. Consequently he provided input for the Biobased Economy Manifest, that records agreements between (Dutch) market parties and NGO’s on the development of a bioeconomy. He also witnessed the birth of the Endex Wood Pellets Futures Market that started in november 2011. Because of his many long years experience he can unlock an extensive network.

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About Abstraction

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”

(Mark Twain, American author, 1835-1910)

Abstraction is of the opinion that bio-based developments cannot be predicted simply on the basis of present developments, nor on the basis of contemporary trends. Practical and commercial considerations are of significant importance to make the right decision. Nevertheless, Abstraction is convinced that it is of even greater importance to understand the impact of bio-based developments on the current economy, and above all recognising and realising opportunities.