Annual review 2018

Based on previous work, Abstraction continued with the development of a number of projects in 2018.

Together with the Dutch Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid (IFV, Institute for Safety) and Utrecht University, an action plan was set up to survey the application of minerals in fire fighting. This involves a spin-off from continuing development by Abstraction of bio-based applications of olivine mineral.

In the framework of a LIFT Request-for-Proposals by NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, a collaboration with several partners, including the University of Amsterdam en Dutch Sustainable Development BV, resulted in a proposal to process waste pears into valuable components. Currently this proposal is being further developed for the specific market.

Abstraction worked with partners to set up a project proposal in the framework of a Call-for-Proposals by BioBased Industries Joint Undertaking. Ultimately this effort has resulted in the design of the INFO-BEE Knowledge portal. This is an initiative to utilize information technology to provide easier access to bio-based information from a large number of EU-research projects.

For the EU Research Executive Agency a number of bio-based project proposals has been evaluated.

Furthermore blogs have been written that have also been published on the website of Bio Based Press. In addition, Abstraction reported about a number of events for Bio Based Press. And within and beyond her own network, Abstraction has answered many questions and has given plenty of advice about developments and possibilities within the bio-economy.


                 Annual review 2018
Photo: © Ben Wind / Rotterdam Image Bank