Abstraction: current projects

Only current projects are mentioned. Information regarding the work completed last year can be found at: annual review.

Project: value creation for waste pears

In the Netherlands alone, 370.000 ton pears are produced annually. 5% of this volume is wasted as the fruit becomes damaged, and thus unmarketable. In consultation with a fruit grower, based upon an Abstraction idea, we are studying the reclaiming of valuable components from these waste pears. Abstraction is cooperating with Dutch Sustainable Development and with the University of Amsterdam’s Van ‘t Hoff Instituut in this project.

Project: mineral based extinguishing agent

Abstraction is developing bio-based uses for the mineral olivine. Now, as a spin-off, the deployment of specific minerals as a fire extinguishing agent is being looked into. Abstraction is cooperating with Utrecht University as well as experts from the fire department. The mineral mining industry is also involved.

Project: InfoBee

Abstraction initiated the design of InfoBee, an Internet-portal and a database aiming to make bio-based results from EU-research easily accessible an searchable for everyone. IT-specialists and communication experts from Bio Based Press are participating in this project. The project is a follow-up to a previous survey of a Call-for-Proposals that was released by Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking, a 3.7 billion euro partnership between the EU and Bio-based Industries Consortium.




Foto door Alex Strekeisen: Olivine crystals in a dunite