Abstraction and education

Within the educational domain Abstraction offers added value on a number of levels, including vocational education, higher education and academic education.

Abstraction can provide valuable market expertise for the definition stage of a research project as well as for project execution. This includes identifying relevant markets and production chains, but also identifying stakeholders and relevant actors. Timely commercial insight not only helps in making the appropriate process choices or selecting the right partner but it can also strengthen subsidy applications.

Abstraction can integrate bio-based aspects into existing curricula and programmes. Being an intermediairy between education and business, Abstraction is well equiped to balance business needs and educational supply or scientific knowledge.

Abstraction has supervised many students from scientific and business education with their practical assignment or thesis. Finding and defining assignments, consulting with principals, deciding on the scope of an assignment and balancing various requirements and expectations are important focus points.

Actual activities include an initiative that aims for Intermediate Vocational Education to introduce bio-based aspects in curricula, and co-operation with a number of universities aiming for market development of a new technology to grow marine algae. See Projects for more information.


Photo: © Vincent Dekkers / Rotterdam Image Bankhttp://www.rotterdamimagebank.nl/shapeimage_3_link_0