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You have plans or ideas to start a business in a bioeconomy setting. You want to develop an initiative, or to become active in the bioeconomy. Abstraction can help you identify opportunities that fit your needs. Abstraction can offer strategic advice and provide you with expert knowledge when considering bio-based investments. Abstraction can help you to develop your project, solving problems along the way, suggesting partners, finding solutions, defining opportunities and opening up new markets.

Abstraction is located in Rhoon in the Netherlands, near Rotterdam. You can contact Abstraction by email:, or by telephone: +31 (0)6 22 976 806.

Abstraction’s blog started in april 2014, with comments and observations regarding the bioeconomy and related issues.

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Article about nickel salts extraction from plants

In the December-issue of Dutch professional journal vakblad Oppervlaktetechnieken, official publication of Vereniging ION, an editorial by Jaap van Peperstraten,  from Ellemmi, describes the extraction of nickel salts from plants. The article (in Dutch) can be downloaded here. It deals with our project to develop feasible production. (January 2017)

Presentation at Branchentag NRWO!

In May Wijnand Schonewille was invited by Netzwerk Oberfläche Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRWO!) to present the sustainable nickel salts extraction from Alyssum-plants. Nickel salts are used in the electroplating industry. The NRWO!-presentation can be downloaded here. (May 2017)

Olivijn, the philosopher’s stone

During a meeting in the botanical gardens in Utrecht, Olaf Schuiling introduced his book about possible uses of the mineral olivine. Accelerating the weathering of this mineral has all sorts of desirable effects, that also can play a role in the bio-economie. In Dutch, Uitgeverij Elmar, Delft. (June 2017)

Abstraction in 2018: an annual review

Based on previous work, Abstraction continued with the development of a number of projects in 2018. Among other things, in cooperation with partners a design was set up for an Internet-portal to provide easier access to bio-based information from international research projects. Furthermore a new proposal to retain valuable components from waste fruit was set up. For an overview of the year 2018, click: annual review 2018. (January 2019)