Abstraction and the market

Abstraction supports enterprises and financiers with Business Development: towards a bioeconomy and in line with a sustainable way of working. Abstraction is experienced in designing pilot and research projects, in market research and opening up new markets, recognising new opportunities, developing new business models and forecasting transition.

Abstraction can suppliy consultants with research capacity to find answers to questions related to the bioeconomy.

Specific experience

A deep understanding of the impact of bio-based developments and sustainability on existing interests and on technologies and markets is the added value of Abstraction. With the ongoing development of a bio-based economy, influences exceeding several areas of attention gain interest. Abstraction is experienced in identifying promising options, or linking different market segments in supply and demand, even when these did not meet before.

Close cooperation with several universities and MBA-schools means that Abstraction can mobilise specific research support and retrieve scientific knowledge.

Closing loops, identifying residual flows, designing logistic and production chains, market development. Recycling knowledge will increasingly play a role. Abstraction has extensive experience within the recycling industry and the ability to link this know how to the needs of the bioeconomy.

Current activities include business development activities for the use of biomass for heat generation and the import of biomass from Central and Eastern Europe. A second project example is the development of a new solid bio-based fuel for power generation.


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