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A new solid bio-fuel

Abstraction collaborates with Transmare BV to develop a new solid bio-based fuel for power generation. Further information...

New Venture business plan competition

Abstraction takes part in a projectteam that has reached the 20 best innovative starters competing in the New Venture business plan competition. The competing businessplan comprehends to improving access to residues from palm oil production. Raising the quality of the residues should lead to a broader choice of uses and improved environmental impact.

Utrecht University students completed market analysis

Five students of Universiteit Utrecht succesfully completed an analysis of the market introduction of a hybrid biofuel. Abstraction supervised the project, Transmare BV was the principal. Further information...

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Market research for Groningen Seaports

FFact and Abstraction jointly execute a market research that focusses on developing the ‘South Parc’-site in Delfzijl in The Netherlands. The opportunities for the recycling segment and for bio-based uses are studied. Principal is Groningen Seaports.

Registration sytem for material flows

In cooperation with ARN, the Dutch Centre of Expertise for recycling in the mobility sector, new uses for their registration system for residual flows are being explored. This system has been developed by ARN. Especially applications that focus on bio-based residual flows seem promising. (september 2013)

Chain analysis by Universiteit Utrecht students

Abstraction is supervising five Utrecht University students analysing the production chain of torrified Palm Kernel Shell. The study should offer an improved insight regarding CO2-emissions. Principal for this study is Transmare BV. (May 2015) Further information...

How to grow Alyssum

Two students of Wageningen university have started a short-term research project to find the optimal conditions needed to grow Alyssum. This plant can be utilized to extract nickel from soil. Abstraction initiated the project, in co-operation with BioSoil. (June 2015) more...

Started: Abstraction’s blog

Abstraction’s blog started in april 2014, with comments and observations regarding the bioeconomy and related issues. (april 2014) Visit blog...

Sample material Alyssum is available

Recently, the Cypriotic Geological Survey Department sampled Alyssum plants at selected local sites at Cyprus. Based on earlier research, an extensive program was set up to determine whether the uptake of nickel in these plants can result in a feasible business case. This should result in a pilot-project on Cyprus. (September 2015)

Testlocations for Alyssum inspected

Related to the development of a pilot to grow Alyssum, the former Amiantos-mine on Cyprus was visited in November last year. Defining conditions for a pilot and the execution were discussed with local partners. (February 2016) more...

Test protocol leads to important results

Abstraction has developed for Transmare a detailed protocol for testing torrefaction of Palm Kernel Shell (PKS). Last week, a number of successful torrefaction  tests was supervised. The test results are being analysed and will contribute to the further development of a high-grade PKS-fuel for the energy market. (august 2014) Further information...

EFIB-conference in Glasgow visited

In association with Biobased Press in October the EFIB conference in Glasgow was visited to report on new developments regarding Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy. The impact of Synthetic Biology, and the significance of the market, came up for discussions during the conference. Reports on the Biobased Press site. (October 2016)