Abstraction: projects

Photo: © Ben Wind / Rotterdam Image Bankhttp://www.rotterdamimagebank.nl/shapeimage_2_link_0

Together with partners, Abstraction collaborates with Transmare BV to develop a new bio-based solid fuel for large-scale power generation. The project aims to access biomass, to process it near it’s origin, and to produce a high-calorific bio-based fuel according market requirements.

Students of Utrecht University contributed to the Transmare-project by investigating how a new bio-based solid fuel can be positioned in a global market. Among other things, legislation, public opinion and market trends were leading in the research. The assigment has been executed as ‘Consultancy Project’ within the scope of the Master program ‘Energy Science’ of Utrecht University.

In cooperation with partners, and in consultation with secondary vocational educational institutions, Abstraction is developing an initiative to translate bioeconomy developments into relevant vocational curricula. In this way, vocational education establishes a curriculum with a sustainable,  bio-based content that can be put into practice and that prepares students for the future. Download a description of the cooperation, or download the flyer with information about the project. (both in Dutch)

In cooperation with two universities and an industry partner, Abstraction commenced research into a new technology for marine algae cultivation. The weathering of olivine in sea water in the tidal zone promotes the growth of marine diatoms. The technology captures significant volumes of carbon dioxide. Download a short description of the technology.

Abstraction is actively involved in the societal discussion in The Netherlands about the bioeconomy, organised by Instituut Maatschappelijke Innovatie by order of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2011 this resulted in the signing of the Manifest Bio-based Economy, in which over forty market parties and NGO’s declared to be in favour of collaboration and direction regarding the bioeconomy. Click to download the Manifest. (in Dutch)