Four domain focal point

Within the bio-based field of activity, Abstraction focuses on four domains: Education, NGO’s, Market and Authorities. The added value of Abstraction is: innovation, considering new business models, market research and business development. Moreover, based on extensive knowledge of the recycling market, Abstraction offers added value when utilizing residual flows within the bioeconomy and when working on closing material cycles.

The lead for all assignments: innovation, commercial opportunities and market demand. For an impression of the activities of Abstraction click on one of these four domains. Projects shows a selection of current activities.

Project development

Abstraction develops projects aiming for product development and identifying markets for new, innovative, bio-based opportunities. Projects can evolve from directed business development, but also from scientific research or as spin-off from other activities.

Innovation and market segmentation

Innovations developed for a specific purpose within an industrial sector can more often than not be applied to other industrial sectors. Also the bioeconomy can benefit from innovations in all market segments. Based on years of experience and in-depth knowledge, Abstraction can add value by identifying promising market applications for these innovations, especially regarding their application and use in industrial sectors for which they weren't directly intended.

Abstraction is experienced in identifying promising applications for innovations in the following industrial sectors: chemicals, utilities, energy, recycling, trade & logistics, mining, steel and metal production/manufacturing. Abstraction has the necessary technical knowledge as well as experience with the related service industry, laws & regulations, the international markets and the raw material supply chain.